2 Locations That Offer Sensible Options For Storing Your Boat Off-Season

If you have a boat, you need somewhere to put it during the off-season when you are not taking it out on the water on a regular basis. Ideally, you want that storage location to provide a place that will keep your boat safe from the weather and safe from being vandalized by people. There are a few different locations that offer storage options for your boat.

Location #1: Marina

If you have a marina near you that you often use when you go out on the water, find out what type of boat storage options they have. Many marinas, in addition to being a great place to launch your boat, offer two storage options. Marinas often offer both slip or dock storage as well as dry dock lifts.

If you rent a dock already, see if you can extend your rental throughout the year. You can keep your boat in the water throughout the year, secured to your slip. This is a better option for bigger boats that can handle sitting in the water for extended periods of time. If you choose to use dock storage, you should pull your boat out of the water every two to three months for maintenance, even during the off-season.

Another option some marinas offer is dry dock lift storage. What this means is the marina will use a machine to lift your boat so that it is out of the water during the off-season. Your boat is still stored on the water, but it is elevated above the water to protect it from damage during the off-season. To further protect your boat, you can cover it up as well.

Location #2: Boat Storage Warehouse

Another option is to work with a boat storage warehouse. Boat storage warehouses are located on dry land, which can help extend the useable life of your boat by keeping it out of the water when you are not using it.

Most boat storage warehouses offer both indoor and outdoor storage options, allowing you some flexibility in cost and protection.

Outdoor storage can be both covered or uncovered. Uncovered outdoor storage essentially is like providing you with a parking space inside of a secured facility for you to leave your boat. You can further protect your boat by shrink-wrapping it.

Covered outdoor storage allows you to park your boat under a canopy-like cover, like a car-park. This will help protect your boat from the weather. You may still want to shrink-wrap or cover up your boat.

Indoor storage for boats can vary between warehouse storage and indoor storage units. With warehouse storage, your boat will be stored inside a large warehouse. Most warehouse storage facilities use stacked storage, so your boat is stacked vertically and requires warehouse workers to put your boat into its storage space and pull it out.

Indoor storage units are more like a garage, where you have a roll-up door and a place where you can park your boat. Indoor storage units provide you with additional space to store supplies for your boat and more access to work on your boat.

If you just purchased a boat, make sure you have a storage plan for the off-season. You should secure your boat storage for the off-season well in advance, so you can ensure your boat is protected.

Contact a boat storage service for more information.